How to Turn on Battery Percentage on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Track Your Battery Life

How to Turn On Battery Percentage on iPhone

Keeping track of your iPhone’s battery life is important to ensure that you don’t run out of power when you need it the most. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn on battery percentage on iPhone and track your battery life easily.

Step 1: Open Settings First, open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Battery Scroll down and find the “Battery” option.

Step 3: Turn on Battery Percentage Select the “Battery Percentage” option and toggle it on.

Step 4: Check Battery Percentage The battery percentage will now be displayed in the top right corner of your iPhone’s display.

With battery percentage turned on, you can keep track of your iPhone’s battery life and make sure you don’t run out of power unexpectedly. Try turning on battery percentage on your iPhone today and start tracking your battery life.

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